Security From an Eagles Eyes

Video Surveillance in Action

June 16th, 2016

     All Businesses can benefit from video surveillance, and not just for security purposes. Video surveillance is an excellent way to monitor business processes and help increase productivity. Many times businesses don't invest in video surveillance until after a devastating event takes place, failing to see the benefits video surveillance can provide in the workplace.

     99% of businesses who install a video surveillance system for security slowly begin to realize they can use the system to find deficiencies they may not even know they had. Take our latest experience with one of our customers.

     We installed a 64 camera system in wholesale food warehouse, and even before we finished the installation they were able to utilize the system to save hundreds of man hours. An error in their proprietary POS Software caused and inventory deficit that, on the surface, looked like thousands of dollars of meat was walking out the front door! Instead of having to pull staff in for overtime hours to complete a full inventory of the store, they were able to look back quickly on the camera system and see which items were actually scanned at the registers compared to what was on the receipt. Shortly after this incident they again were able to utilize the system to better synchronize the receiving department and notify them of which trucks were pulling in before they even made it to the back of the store.

     As time goes on they will discover more and more uses for their surveillance system. Even after a year in use they will continue to realize additional benefits that will provide them with a competitive edge. Don't wait for a disaster to protect your business and increase your efficiency!